Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vienna, chapter one

It has been a long long while since I have posted anything on this blog. 
Firstly, lack of time should be a good excuse. 
Secondly, my beloved camera went broken, what resulted in a severe depression :(
Luckily, during the trip to Vienna, a friend of mine took some photos, which will be posted soon (I hope!).

We spent two wonderful, very chilling and prolific days and the capital of Austria
I have been there for the first time 16 years ago and I had a completely diferent image of the city. It is so classy and elegant, that I almost felt overwhelmed and intimidate... But about the city itself, I would like to write some other time.
Two days is never enough to make an effective city exploration, but we managed to see everything that we planned. One of these places was Belvedere Museum
I am delighted that we managed to visit this museum. Belvedere is a complex baroque building erected by Prince Eugene of Savoy. It consists of the Upper and Lower Belvedere. In the first mentioned there is an art gallery where the visitors can admire works of such artists as Gustav Klimt, Caspar David Friedrich or Egon Schiele.

Price: 8,50 euro (if you are a student)
Impressions: Priceless

I am a devoted fan of Gustav Klimt's art, which affects me to a massive extend. 
It is an unbelievable expereince when you're admiring a piece of art, and in the meantime you can feel a pleasant chill running down your spine. This is what I am experiencing each time I see a piece of art that I like. I have never been an expert in this particular field, never studied history of art, and as a result I divide art into this I like and this I do not like. However, Klimt has a special meaning for me. I remember a small mirror that I was given by my friend. On the cover there was a motif of Klimt's "Kiss", which in curently one of my favorite paintings.
In Belvedere Museum you can admire this particular piece of art. When I saw it, I barely resisted myself from touching it... 

Klimt in most of his works from the latter period presented both femme fatale or a motif of everlasting love. 
"Kiss" introduces love that is both passionate, but uncertain. Uncertainty is presented by the lady's feet placed almost on the precipice... But the flowers on the lover's heads evoke rather passion and what do the people who are in love feel - an absolute bliss... It is believed that "Kiss" presents Gustav Klimt and his life companion Emilie Floge as lovers.
What is more, I enjoyed the fact that Klimt's art was confroned with Egon Schiele's paintings. Schiele was a protege of Klimt, however, his paintings differ from his masters. They evoke some sort of anxiety, are also twisted and very intensive... I remember especially two painting of these two artists which are entitled in a similar way. Both present mother with two children. On Egon's work the faces of the figures are twisted and dead, while Klimt presented calmness of the family and some sort of softness... 

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